Rotating Disc Plant Advantages

  • No bar screens - No full-time attendant required to undertake raking and removal of screenings duties
  • Sealed Primary Settling Tanks - No flies or offensive odours
  • Can be retrofitted to other common waste management and common effluent disposal systems
  • Handles shock, seasonal and fluctuating population loads
  • Desludge approximately only once every 12 - 18 months
  • No aerators, compressors and mixing pumps - minimal noise pollution (Rotating Disc plants are extremely quiet)
  • Environmentally aware solution to wastewater treatment
  • Durable parts and materials used in the manufacture of our plants to increase lifespan
  • Small Footprint and low visual impact
  • Rotating Disc Systems wastewater treatment plants are low in terms of:
     - Capital cost
     - Operation costs (including power consumption and general consumables)
     - Maintenance costs

Overall, Rotating Disc plants are robust, reliable and deliver high quality effluent. This makes them suitable for all applications.

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