It has often been stated that the effectiveness of a wastewater treatment plant is only as good as the skills of its operating staff. Modern wastewater treatment plants are based on complex chemical and biological processes and depend on highly skilled/qualified operators to ensure satisfactory operation.

Owing to the costs involved, this type of complex wastewater treatment is usually limited to larger scale, well equipped operations. This then creates a need for a process that can effectively treat combined wastewater for smaller, isolated, or environmentally sensitive applications. Treatment works for these applications should be affordable in terms of capital, operation and maintenance costs. They must also be reliable and simple to operate and maintain while of course, producing high quality effluent at all times.

The Rotating Disc Plant, being a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), addresses these requirements by being a robust, cost-effective, reliable and innovative solution to wastewater treatment problems and pollution control.

All components of each plant are 100% Australian sourced and assembled locally. All mechanical parts are manufactured in Toowoomba and Highfields, Queensland Australia.

The operation and maintenance of a Rotating Disc wastewater treatment plant consists of a daily visual inspection to check the operation of components, monthly inspections of disinfection usage and quarterly tasks of basic and general housekeeping maintenance to ensure longevity of the system.

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