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aboutus02Rotating Disc Systems have over 45 years’ combined experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of packaged wastewater treatment plants.

All of our plants are designed and manufactured in-house at our workshop facility in Highfields, Queensland Australia.

Each system is fully assembled and wet-tested before being transported to site, this ensures a smooth transition for the installation and commissioning works.

With clients across Australia and neighbouring countries, we have extensive project experience and as such, the necessary knowledge, capabilities and resources to provide solutions for a broad range of projects, no matter how complex they may be.

Rotating Disc Systems client base covers Mining, Holiday Parks and Hotel Groups, Local Governments, Councils and Trade Waste projects, along with private commercial and industrial applications.


  • Treatment Range: 20 Persons - 2500 Persons.
  • Modular in design: Treatment capacity can be expanded when required.
  • Systems are easily transportable.
  • Exporting Experience.
  • Solar Power options.
  • Class A/A+ Effluent Polishing Equipment can be fitted to the Rotating Disc design for a more stringent water quality result.

Rotating Disc Plant Methodologyaboutus04

  • Rotating Biological Contactor Process.
  • Gravity is used extensively in the design.
  • Four distinct treatment phases:
    - Proper anaerobic treatment (including sludge digestion)
    - Aerobic treatment (Rotating Disc phase)
    - Effluent clarification
    - Effluent disinfection

As a result of the 4 treatment stages, standard Class B effluent is produced; this can then be coupled with polishing equipment to meet more stringent standards (Class A, A+, Nutrient Removal). 

Competitive Advantage021imgp0021

  • Compared to other treatment systems the Rotating Disc Plant is extremely cost-effective in terms of:
    - Capital cost and;
    - Operation and Maintenance costs
  • Designed with the operator/caretaker in mine: ease of operation and maintenance applies to each system.
  • No requirement for trade qualified personnel or specialised equipment to maintain the system.
  • De-Sludging required only once a year to 18 months: unlike other conventional plants which may require de-sludging quarterly.
  • No environmental or noise pollution.
  • Low visual impact.
  • Efficient manufacture lead times.
  • Quick installation and Commissioning.
  • On-going Service, Assistance and Communication as necessary.
  • Rotating Disc Systems will perform the total scope of works: from Design through to Commissioning and Operator Training.

Effluent Quality 

Rotating Disc Systems wastewater treatment plants are based on a standard design producing a minimum Class B effluent quality, more stringent effluent standards specific for individual projects can also be achieved.

ABN: 33 124 536 161